Property Information

Listed on the National Register of Historic Places, the Studebaker Lofts reintroduces the JMS Building, a South Bend original. The JMS Building was built in 1909 as South Bend’s first “modern” office building and operated as such for the majority of its history. Now as the city’s first luxury loft apartments, the building remains true The detailed brick and terra cotta façade will be restored and the stately arched windows on the top floor will be reopened as they were in the early 20th century.
The building was designed by noted architect Solon Spencer Bemen[1] in the classical revival style, featuring classical Greek-temple-inspired[2] decorative elements including stately, over-sized arched windows and projecting cornices on the richly glazed terra cotta front façade. This style is featured in numerous buildings that still stand in downtown South Bend, including the American Trust Place, the Federal Court House, and the Citizens Bank building.

Previously the first modern office building in South Bend, the JMS Building has been transformed now the city’s first luxury loft apartments. The building is an artful marriage of classic and modern architectural styles.